"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection."

Anais Nin

Miracles in the Meantime

Take 31 days each December to re-discover the hope in the plans and promises God has for each of us. The redemption offered through the birth and life of Jesus Christ is really just the beginning, but there are ways we can see God move throughout the messiness of history to bring us hope and a future.

A 31-Day Advent Devotional

"I have really enjoyed reading this daily devotional this month. Even though it is written as a Christmas advent devotional, it could read any time of year. The focus is on finding faith during a difficult waiting period, and we can all relate to that at some point in our lives. The daily devotions are short and include a Bible verse or passage and a few questions to help the reader personalize the reading.
I highly recommend it!"

- Janet Ruth

"I am loving this Advent devotional. It is not overwhelming in length, timely for my life and this world right now, great questions to think and write about."

- A. Miller

What People Are Saying About Miracles in the Meantime

"We have been reading this book in our morning Women's Fervent group. It was gifted to us from one of the ladies. What a blessing! Stephanie's heart is so authentic. We love this Advent journey we are on!"

- Chris

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