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90 Days in the Word

Take the challenge to read the Bible chronologically from Genesis to Revelation in 90 days!

We live in a culture that tells you to be whoever and whatever you want to be, but we're seeing that result in more harm than health - because no one is willing to speak the hard truth, and, those who do, neglect to love in the process. There is a way to be fearlessly authentic while also living out the truth of God's will for our lives and loving fiercely in the process.

I'm Stephanie LaPreal Yttrup. I love Jesus, writing, reading, walking, kayaking, chatting for hours about really controversial topics, and cake.

This content is designed to encourage and challenge you as you navigate your world through faith, culture, and life. I am a multi-passionate person who loves dabbling in a little bit of everything, so here you'll find a podcast (revamp coming soon), a blog, a newsletter, books, and every once in a while a free downloadable resource.

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The Podcast

To coinside with my weekly word studies on Substack, I share an audio version (with a bit more commentary) on a podcast for those who like to listen more than read (or both). Check out A Word from the Word for weekly word studies and like content.


Miracles in the Meantime

A 31-Day Advent Devotional

Take 31 days each December to re-discover the hope in the plans and promises God has for each of us. The redemption offered through the birth and life of Jesus Christ is really just the beginning, but there are ways we can see God move throughout the messiness of history to bring us hope and a future.

Bible Reading from Palm Sunday to Easter

Journey to the Cross


Truth Heals

We find ourselves in a tug-of-war between truth and love throughout every generation, especially in faith communities. Some say “the truth hurts” and “too bad” or “that’s just the way it is” while others are begging the question of why we should even be speaking such “truth” if it causes so much harm.

In this podcast, Truth Heals, we’ll explore this concept of truth and love through the lens of how Jesus led his life and ministry - it wasn’t one or the other. It was both, and it healed. Instead of justifying the truth that hurts; maybe it’s time we find a different way and see that, when handled correctly, the truth actually heals.

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